Soil Conditioner

Humate Soil Conditioner

Is the ultimate additive for soil ENRICHMENT and RE-MINERALIZATION for all Agricultural Crops and Private gardens.

It is a premium all-natural granular product, which is certified organic and OMRI listed. It is the foundation of all of our humic acid products. Its essential humic acids naturally promote enhanced soil activity, for healthier roots and plants. The unusually high carbon content guarantees balanced carbon-to-nitrogen ratios necessary for maintaining healthy soil.

LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner Additive consists of Bioavailable Plant Derived Mineral granules and is a very rich source of Fulvic and Humic Acids.

Plant roots will always seek new supplies of nutrients. These nutrients must be readily available in a form easily assimilated by the plant cell process. Particle size (colloidal properties) also influences the rate of absorption.

Our LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner Additive contains Bioavailable Plant Derived Minerals making it easily absorbed by the root structure. Also the interaction among the minerals provides plant synergy along with the correct balance of nutrients.

The health benefits from eating vegetables, fruit and crops grown with LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner Additive are amazing! You are eating food that has been grown with all the Bioavailable Plant Derived Minerals the body needs.

Remember: eating good organic food is a healthy choice; however the food supply will not have a significant nutritional value unless the soil it’s grown in can provide it.

When LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner Additive is used in conjunction with organic material (compost) or as an additive for a Pre Mix, the plant growth is lush and the quality of the fruit is superb.

By using Natural Bioavailable Plant Derived Minerals, your lawn will be greener and safer for your children to play on. Mineralized soil also attracts earthworms.

The mineral content of the soil has become depleted in many regions due to continual cropping and the overuse of fertilisers which only replace the major minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Once the mineral content of the soil is depleted this can, in turn, lead to lower mineral levels in the crops and pastures grown on these soils.

The application rates are as follows: –

LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner

  • On the dry applications:
  • 250 to 400 kg/hectare

LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner for Organic Compost or Premix

  • 5% to 10% is the ratio


LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner

Is ONLY available in Bulk

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