Plant Trace

Discover a range of rich natural & nutritional additivces,
highly concentrated with Humic and Fulvic acids.

Our Range

Every product has unique needs.
LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Colloidal Minerals additives are suitable for limitless applications.


Minerals for Manufacturing

Incorporate the richest, natural, nutritional additive
into your product range

Minerals for Agriculture

From Animals to Plants to Soil, our specialty products
are ready for your industry


Filling the gaps in nutrition and health by striving to remineralise peoples lives from the ground up.

We want to set a new standard for the mineral industry with products of uncompromising high quality that benefit both humans, animals and our earth. Most mineral products on the shelves in pharmacies are metallic minerals which are cheap to manufacture but hardly very absorbable by our bodies. We strive to deliver the healthiest options possible to the public and other industries while still being fairly priced.

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