We bring health back to the public

There is still little focus on the importance of minerals in the health industry today so at LifeSPRINGS we have passionately made it our mission to bring awareness to these nutrients that are to say the least, equally as necessary as vitamins are.

LifeSPRINGS launched back in 1996 with the aim to fill out the gaps in the Australian health industry so everyone can have the option to improve their health with quality sourced minerals that are easily absorbed by our bodies.

After an extensive research period it became apparent that plant derived minerals is the type that is most effectively ingested into our systems. Sourced from the richest deposit of plant based minerals in the world we introduced the first product under the LifeSPRINGS brand in march that same year.

We want to set a new standard for the mineral industry with products of uncompromising high quality that benefit both humans, animals and our earth.

Most mineral products on the shelves in pharmacies are metallic minerals which are cheap to manufacture but hardly very absorbable by our bodies.

We strive to deliver the healthiest options possible to the public and other industries while still being fairly priced.