Plant Trace Mineral Powder

Plant Trace Mineral Fulvic Acid Powder Additive

Is the most power packed bioavailable natural nutritional additive you can incorporate into your beverage, confectionary, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplement products, replacing current manmade Chelated Mineral Premixes.

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Fulvic Acid Powder is without question the finest Bioavailable Plant Derived Mineral Fulvic Acid composition available.

Minerals, especially Bioavailable Plant Derived Minerals enriched with Fulvic Acid being the “most important NUTRIENT the BODY NEEDS that cannot make for itself, without Plant Derived Minerals – Vitamins, Proteins, Enzymes, Hormones, DNA etc., cannot function correctly”. 

Certified independent lab tests prove the powder contains, on average a complete spectrum of 70+ bioavailable plant derived minerals.

LifeSPRINGS Bioavailable Plant Derived Minerals are completely different than the normal metallic that come from rocks and soil or manmade chelated minerals which are metallic minerals combined with amino acids, LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Fulvic Acid Powder is naturally extracted from an ancient deposit of prehistoric plant material enriched with Fulvic Acid. 

Fulvic Acid is a naturally occurring molecule from ancient plant material that is believed top help minerals to be absorbed by cells, and aids in the detoxification of the body. Once, we got all the fulvic acid we needed from plants that we ate, but years of intensive agriculture have left our naturally fertile soils barren of this essential compound and the health conscious among us have turned to Fulvic Acid supplements instead.

Without fulvic acid, our bodies can sometimes struggle to maintain good health. The vital molecule plays an important role in assisting the body to absorb mineral compounds and is also responsible for providing energy on a cellular level, as well as acting as a catalyst for cellular respiration.

“Much of the ill health lack of vitality people complain of today can be traced to a deficiency in minerals and trace elements in our diets. The food we eat is no longer keeping us healthy, modern farming methods have depleted the natural mineral reserves of the soil as a result the food we eat are increasingly deficient in the nutrients need for proper functioning of the body”. Marie-France Muller MD., ND., PhD., Author of Colloidal Minerals and Trace Minerals.

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Minerals Fulvic Acid Powder is GRAS certified as an additive to any beverage, confectionary, food, nutritional supplement, pharmaceuticals or consumable as well as topical personal care products; i.e., cosmetic, dental and hair products to increase nutritional value and marketability.

70+ Hydrophilic Bioavailable Plant Derived Minerals in Powdered Form.


  • Increase the nutritional value of anything produced
  • The purest form of nutrition balanced by Nature
  • 100% water soluble
  • Non-Toxic
  • Negative Zeta potential (electrical charge) – 98% absorbable
  • Completely different than metallic/chelated minerals found in the average supplement
  • Samples are available for testing

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Fulvic Acid Powder is produced from a liquid mineral solution that contains 40,000 mg of mineral solids per litre. This liquid encompasses hydrophilic, negatively charged minerals (nontoxic), the same as those found in fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, oranges and apples. They began initially as metallic minerals that were synthesized by the plant as it grew. This photosynthesized process merely means that the metallic minerals were broken down many times in size as they passed through the plants root system and at the same time they were transformed from a positive electrical charge to a negative charge. Mother Nature has attached the plant derived minerals to a hydrogen molecule making them Hydrophilic in Nature.

This is the reason plant minerals are referred to as Hydrophilic and why is much easier for the body to absorb. Scientists believe the prehistoric deposit of plants have been accumulated approximately 70 million years ago when plants could still draw up to 80 or more minerals from the earth’s fertile top soil. It can best be described as an ancient plant deposit that contains a very extensive and comprehensive blend of numerous organic plant-derived minerals containing fulvic and humic acids. Plant Derived Minerals were discovered in central Utah in 1926, since then these minerals have been sold in 40 countries across the Globe.

To Produce LifeSPRINGS® Plant Trace Mineral Fulvic Acid Powder

Plant derived minerals are naturally extracted, using only contaminate free reverse osmosis water. After the extracted mineral solids are combined with water, the result is a concentrated liquid mineral solution. The liquid is drained from the tanks after the specific gravity (solids) reaches the company’s desired level of at least 200,000 milligrams of mineral solids per 3.8 litres. As the liquid is drained, it passes through a series of food grade filters. The final filtered liquid passes through an absolute .02-micron filter that allows nothing but pure plant minerals and water in the mineral blend.

The water base must be removed to produce LifeSPRINGS™ Plant Trace Mineral Fulvic Acid Powder. This is accomplished by our propriety drying process, which maintains the integrity of the enzymes and animalcules in the product. The powder that remains after the water is removed is made up of approximately 70+ different nano and pica sized plant minerals that are very hydroscopic because the moisture in the finished product is always very low. The finished product is packaged in double 6 mil food grade plastic bags and each bag is securely sealed with two food grade plastic ties, it is then packed in 25 kilo fibre drums for shipping, each drum has a lid safety lock for security purposes.

Only .06% to 1½% of LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Fulvic Acid Powder is needed per batch. 



Is ONLY available in Bulk

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